EquestDream syntyi unelmista, osaamisesta ja halusta mahdollistaa

We all have goals and dreams. Some dreams are bigger and others are smaller, but they are all important and move us forward towards our destination.

EquestDreamer - yhteistyöratsastaja

EquestDream riders are our partner riders, young people who pursue their own dreams with horses and riding. You can follow their journey on social media and on this page. 


These EquestDream brand messengers get discounted products, great pre-order offers, and the opportunity to influence our product range and brainstorm new products. We also organize joint events for EquestDreamers, such as lectures.

Join the EquestDreamers:

Nella Lätti, IG: @teamlatti, a super skilled rider who has been involved in the early days of EquestDream and strengthened our social media expertise.

Sofia Korkala, IG: @team.korkala Our beautiful model, young and talented show jumper.

Reetta Lievonen, IG: @teamlievonen  An example of how anything is possible if you believe in yourself and your horse.

Sofia Salmi, IG: @team.salmieq Sofia has already taken her dream towards becoming a professional by going to study at Ypäjä.

Rauni Suistola, IG: @sporttihepat Rauni is a future eventer with a wonderful attitude.

Emilia Tamminen, IG Team Tamminen

Emilia is a skilled dressage rider whose account allows you to follow a truly diverse hobby of horses: for example, Emilia jogs together with her Turkka horse. 

Eeva Tuomola, IG:eq.tuomolaeeva

Eeva is an active and skilled horse handler. On his account, the picturesque and fabled super pony Piglet also adventures in horse life.

EqustDream - member

In addition to EquestDreamers, we have wonderful team members to whom we inform about upcoming products, reward the centralization of product orders, hear needs and inform about upcoming events in advance.